I could describe what a great coach Jill is… how knowledgeable she is, how she is always there for you, how she has been through it all herself and speaks from experience, how she provides great race strategy and tactics… but the other testimonials describe these aspects of Jill.


So I’ll just stick to the facts: in my first three Ironmans, when Jill wasn’t my coach, I was stuck at the 13 hour mark, and getting slower with each race. Then my first Ironman with Jill as a coach was a 1 hour 40 minute PR; the second one was a 20 minute PR; and on my third Ironman with Jill as a coach, I qualified for Kona with a sub-11 time. ‘nuff said!


Jonathan Wiedemann

"Jill and I have been working together since I decided to do my first Ironman in 2009.  She’s since coached me through five IM races and numerous other triathlons, duathlons, and running races. 


The thing that stands out about Jill is her ability to get into your head.  Any coach can get you physically ready for racing … but Jill shows you how get yourself mentally ready.  It’s what sets her apart from so many other coaches out there 


She’s a very special coach, person, and friend – I’m very excited to continue working with her as she joins the TBB coaching team!”​


Anna Grunwald  (raced in Kona, 2015)


The completion of my first Ironman was such an incredible journey, starting back to the summer of 2009 when I boldly claimed to my kids, "...mark my words, I am going to complete an Ironman by the age of 50."


I was 44 at the time.


This seemed like such a ridiculously lofty goal because I literally could not swim more than 50 yards without having to stop, gasping for breath. I figured I would need the 6 years to learn how to swim the full Ironman distance, much less do the biking and running.


A few weeks later I reached out to Jill Fry about her coaching services, and she predicted that I would be able to do an Ironman within a year. I thought she was crazy, but I was encouraged and started working with her. In retrospect this was the smartest move I could possibly have made. There is no way I would have been able to get through that year were it not for her guidance, mentoring, and coaching. To come from where I was, to being an Ironman within a year (top 10% AG finish) without having experienced any injuries in the process I attribute to her 100%.


I have continued to work with Jill since then, and have completed numerous additional sprints, Olympic distance events, 70.3s, and 2 additional full Ironman races under her wing. In fact, I am just about to enter my 4th full Ironman in less than 2 weeks. All this time she has continued to provide me daily schedules, monitor my work/life balance, provide encouragement when necessary, and give just the right amount of HTFU for me to continue to progress in the sport.


She is not only a great friend, a great coach, but an inspirational athlete in her own right.


Werner Baron

Since training with Jill, I have achieved performance levels beyond anything I thought possible. Every workout has a specific purpose tailored to my individual needs and goals. Jill is knowledgeable, honest and quick to respond to all my questions/e-mails. I'm prepared on race day, not only physically but also mentally, knowing that Jill has put together a well thought out plan for me to execute. You will not find a more dedicated and supportive coach.
Jess Pollak    (raced in Kona, 2016)

When I was searching for triathlon training resources, a lot of folks directed me to go talk to Jill. I approached her in 2011 with a goal of going long in the sport. I could barely run a mile, had no biking experience, and was completely out of shape. She helped me grow in just the first season where I ended up finishing my first 70.3. I have done another 70.3 since then and a number of sprints and olympic distance races.

She takes care to understand my strengths and weaknesses as well as my life beyond training with work and family and is able to adjust schedules to accommodate all of that. She is knowledgeable, easily reachable and is quick to respond to questions.  She predicted perfectly where I would end up for all of my races so far, and had given me a perfect race strategy to adjust for the changing circumstances as the race progresses.

Whether you are someone that is just starting out, or more experienced you will be amazed at how her coaching will make a difference.


Harsh Chiplonkar